About the Comfort Mouse

I was completely moved, when I found the group “Trøstemus Danmark” (Comfort Mouse Denmark) on facebook. It’s a voluntary group, that delivers crocheted, sewn and knitted comfort animals to hospitals throughout Denmark, so children and others can have a little comfort animal to hug, when it’s a scary experience.

It’s just so heart warming a group, and such a good initiative! It’s a large network with several thousand members who help with technique and inspiration. And then there are a number of touching posts from happy children, who have enjoyed the comfort mice and who play with them several years after.

There is a huge interest in them from nurses, doctors and other health professionals around the country, because it is such a powerful tool in their work, so if you want to help, then hurry into the group and read more! Every little animal counts 🙂

About the group

The group consists of ambassadors, who collect the Comfort Mice from all the volunteers around the country. They ensure that all safety rules are observed, give the mice a trip to the spa (wash at 60 degrees celsius) and pack them in small bags. Then they are safely handed over, and all of their comfort and care can be passed on.

I have, in collaboration with “Trøstemus Danmark”, been allowed to come up with this design, so it’s easier for more people to join the network 🙂

Time to crochet: 20 min.
Skill level: Easy
Body, circumference: 15 cm
Body, length: 7 cm
Tail, length: 9 cm
Mor Anette boblepude

For body and ears, you must be able to make a magic ring, where you crochet in spiral and single crochet. Simple as that. For all the other parts on “Milla Billa’s Comfort Mouse” I have made videos, so that it’s easy for you to see the project.

Click on the links here or scroll down, to see all the videoguide’s for the Comfort Mouse here 🙂


What you need


Rules and tips for the Comfort Mice

In the facebook group “Trøstemus Danmark” under “Vejledning” (Guidance) you will find the updated rules. Here you can also find really nice patterns and the list of the ambassadors who are near you.



The tail is made with a little special technique, where you crochet it in one piece with two threads at the same time. You crochet 20 stitches with the chainless start. Also with crochet hook 3.5 mm. It’s a super quick way to crochet, and you end up with both yarn ends at the same end of the tail, so you can easily tie it on.


The body is crocheted in a spiral with hook 3.5 mm and two threads of cotton yarn 8/4 at the same time.

ROUND 1 Make a magic ring with 6 single crochet (sc) (6 sts)
ROUND 2 Make 1 increase (inc) in all 6 stitches (12 sts)
ROUND 3 (1 inc, 1 sc) 6 times (18 sts)
ROUND 4 (2 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (24 sts)
ROUND 5 24 sc (24 sts)
ROUND 6 24 sc (24 sts)
ROUND 7 24 sc (24 sts)
ROUND 8 24 sc (24 sts)
ROUND 9 24 sc (24 sts)

– Tie on the tail

ROUND 10 (dec, 2 sc) 6 times (18 sts)
ROUND 11 18 sc (18 sts)
ROUND 12 (dec, 1 sc) 6 times (12 sts)
ROUND 13 12 sc (12 sts)

– Fill up the mice

ROUND 14 (dec) 6 times (6 sts)

Use the “Invisible Finish og Amigurumi”, when you are done with it 🙂


The nose is embroidered on with two threads of cotton yarn at the same time. There are some tips, that will make it even faster and easier – watch the video above.


The ears are also crocheted in a spiral with a 3.5 mm hook and two threads of cotton yarn at the same time.

Make two of these.

ROUND 1 Make a magic ring with 6 single crochet (sc) (6 sts)
ROUND 2 Make an increase (inc) in every stitch (12 sts)
ROUND 3 (1 inc, 1 sc) 6 times (18 sts)


Finish with a chain (ch), cut off the yarn leaving 15-20 cm of yarn, which is used to sew it on the body. Pull the end through and tighten the chain.

The ear is sewn together in the lower 5-6 stitches, so it gets a small fold at the bottom. This way you will get the “cup”-shape – a bit like a real mouse ear 🙂

Remember to weave in the start end of the magic ring really well, so it doesn’t go loose when washed.

Watch the video above on how to sew them nicely to the body 🙂


The mice must not contain plastic parts, so safety eyes can not be used. Therefore, you can make these instead. Or embroider them on 🙂

It’s called a french knot, and is made by taking two strands of cotton yarn at the same time, and then starting up on a knot, but tying the string around itself several times (here 4 in each end), to get a large knot. They are tied on, so you avoid having to embroider / sew them on.



Congratulations on your new “Milla Billa’s Comfort Mouse”, that can pass on all your love, comfort and care 🙂

You rarely see all the work involved in developing a pattern.

“Milla Billa’s Comfort Mouse” took me quite a long time, as there were so many considerations. I made about 10-15 mice, before I stuck to a pattern, as there are so many different ways to make ears, eyes, tail, body and nose, and not least how they are attached. Maybe I’m also very pernicious with it 😀 But details are important 😉

The most important thing for me, in this pattern, was:

  • The design: A happy mouse
  • The material- and measurement-rules that must be respected
  • It must be fast to produce
  • It should include some techniques, that makes it faster and more fun to make

Here is a view of some of the process mice – some nicer than others 😉

Here you find some helpful videos, so you can make the pattern. Especially if you are a beginner (If you are: You’re awesome – am cheering for you!). It’s a bit easier to understand with live pictures ???? Milla Billa made the design and editing. Music was by www.bensound.com.

Crochet Guide by Milla Billa
Crochet Guide by Milla Billa
Crochet Guide by Milla Billa
Crochet Guide by Milla Billa