About the COMPLETELY round placemats

I needed new placemats and all the ones, I found in the round shape, were way too big. So I had to start with a design myself.

They are as simple as can be. A magic ring with single crochet and a border in Crab Stitches. The leather tag gives it just a little flair. I am generally into the simple, so for me they are perfect 😉

Time to produce: 1.5 hours pr. placemat
Skill level: Easy
Size: 34 cm W
Vera-musens vifte-suttekæde

For this pattern on The COMPLETELY round placemats you need to be able to make a magic ring – crocheted in spiral and make a border in the Crab Stitch. Super simpel.

No fuss 🙂 There is video-guides for it all. Click on the links or scroll down to the bottom, to find it.

Vera-musens vifte-suttekæde

What you need

I had a whole lot of acrylic yarn (100% acrylic, 50 g = 133 m.), I once bought on sale, so it was used here. I made 6 pieces in total (without the slightest leftovers!) and used 14 balls. It is about 2.33 ball per. placemat.




The COMPLETELY round shape

When crocheting circles normally, they end up being hexagonal, because the increases are on top of each other. Here in the pattern on”The COMPLETELY round placemats” they are shifted – without laying in a system. That’s why, they become completely round, because the increases are staggered.

I generally use this pattern for working with the magic ring, so my increases are not visible. It gives a much much nicer result 🙂


Watch the video here

An increase is 2 single crochet in the same stitch. This expands the shape and you get the beautiful round placemat.

Crab stitches

When you have crocheted all rounds, crochet an edge with Crab Stitches – 1 Crab Stitch in each stitch around the placemat.

Start with hook size 6 mm and 4 threads of yarn at the same time. It can be a bit hard for the fingers to crochet in, but it gives an amazing thickness. If it’s too hard, then change to 3 threads at the same time.

ROUND 1 A magic ring with 6 single crochet (sc) (6 sts)
ROUND 2 Increase (inc) 6 times (12 sts)
ROUND 3 (1 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (18 sts)
ROUND 4 (1 sc, 1 inc, 1 sc) 6 times (24 sts)
ROUND 5 (3 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (30 sts)
ROUND 6 (1 sc, 1 inc, 3 sc) 6 times (36 sts)
ROUND 7 (5 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (42 sts)
ROUND 8 (2 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc) 6 times (48 sts)
ROUND 9 (7 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (54 sts)
ROUND 10 (4 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc) 6 times (60 sts)

Now is a good time for a break. You’ve earned it!

ROUND 11 (9 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (66 sts)
ROUND 12 (5 sc, 1 inc, 5 sc) 6 times (72 sts)
ROUND 13 (1 sc, 1 inc, 10 sc) 6 times (78 sts)
ROUND 14 (4 sc, 1 inc, 8 sc) 6 times (84 sts)
ROUND 15 (13 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (90 sts)
ROUND 16 (7 sc, 1 inc, 7 sc) 6 times (96 sts)
ROUND 17 (3 sc, 1 inc, 12 sc) 6 times (102 sts)
ROUND 18 (12 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc) 6 times (108 sts)
ROUND 19 (17 sc, 1 inc) 6 times (114 sts)
ROUND 20 (6 sc, 1 inc, 12 sc) 6 times (120 sts)

All you have left is the Crab Stitches around the edge, and now you have your own set of “The COMPLETELY round placemats” 🙂

Here you find some helpful videos, so you can make the pattern. Especially if you are a beginner (If you are: You’re awesome – am cheering for you!). It’s a bit easier to understand with live pictures 🙂 Milla Billa made the design and editing. Music was by www.bensound.com.

Crochetguide by Milla Billa
Crochetguide by Milla Billa
Instagram: millabilladk

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