Assembling of The Magical Easter Bunny Egg Warmer

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

Here I show you the assembling of The Magic Easter Bunny Egg Warmer. I show you how to attach the ears so they fit perfectly. There’s a little trick, so they get the perfect angle, and so they do not fall to the sides. I also show the tail, how you can easily get it fixed. It’s really just tying a knot, so pretty simple ­čśë

That means, that you can get your Magical Easter Bunny Eggwarmer ready for use, and ready for the fine Easter table.

The free crochet pattern

You can find the pattern below. It is completely free and filled with good pictures and guides, so it is easy to go to.

Why magical?

Maybe it does not look so magical at first, so why is it called “magical”? Well now you must hear … The Eggwarmer is crocheted so tightly that you can store everything underneath. You can store small chocolate eggs, eggs with drawn faces underneath or whatever else you think might be fun to find. When expecting a soft-boiled egg, it is quite a surprise at the breakfast table to find one of chocolate.


This Bunny can do a bit of everything: It is a pretty decoration on the Easter table, it keeps the eggs warm, and then it is, as I said, magical. I personally am quite fond of things that have more features. They make more sense to store, when not in use. These can also be used all year round. They are quite nice to embroider faces on. For my nephew and niece, I have embroidered faces that fit the two bandits a bit. You can see them by clicking on the pattern.

Enjoy ­čÖé

Free Crochet Pattern

The Magical Easter Bunny Egg Warmer
Free Crochet Pattern By Milla Billa