Chains (ch) and single crochet (sc)

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

If you are a beginner in crochet, you can learn here how to make chains (ch) and single crochet (sc)

A chain is the foundation of “flat” crocheted pieces such as dishcloths, potholders, pillows and blankets. The chain determines how long your piece will be. In a chain you can crochet e.g. single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc) and double crochet, depending on which pattern you are going to make.

In this video guide, I will show you nice and easy:

  • What the chain can be used for in final projects
  • How to hold on to your crochet hook
  • How to chain (10 ch)
  • How to count stitches
  • How to single crochet stitches on top of your chain
  • What is the front loop and back loop in single crochet stitches
  • How to turn with single crochet
  • What it looks like when you have crocheted 1 row of chain and 2 rows of single crochet stitches on top

Good to know about the Chain (ch)

A chain often gets a little longer than the final crochet piece, as it will contract a little the more you crochet, so do not panic if it does not fit the measurements. A crochet pattern often tells you how many chains you need to make. Often it will also tell that you have to chain with a slightly smaller size crochet hook, and this is because some patterns contracts more than others, and if you therefore use a slightly smaller crochet hook, you will get a much nicer and tighter edge.

We all crochet differently: Some very loose and others very tight, so it is not certain that your 50 stitches will take up as many cm as my 50 stitches.

I hope, you enjoy the video on the chains (ch) and single crochet (sc) 🙂