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Dishcloth crochet patterns from Milla Billa to you ❤️

On this page you will find all my free crochet patterns for dishcloths.

Everyone uses dishcloths, and everyone I’ve ever given dishcloths as a gift has been very happy with them. Even if they are “just” crochet dishcloths that remove dirt from our kitchens and tables, it’s really great to have some in a nice design. We use them all the time and they are always lying around, so I’m a fan of nice crochet dishcloths.

Most dishcloths on this site takes 1-1.5 hours to make for an experienced person, and you can make them in exactly the colors that fit in with your kitchen.

They are brilliant as hostess gifts, or as a little “filler” for another gift. I often have a good pile, and when I make them, it is often with a person in mind, so that I always have something to pull out of the stash.

The most popular crochet dishcloth is the Chef’s Dishcloth – it is probably the simple design. It is made in filet crochet (the holes that come out are characterized by that), and I’m generally quite a fan of that look – which can be seen in the selection I have on the page.

Even though a lot of energy has been used in these free crochet patterns for dishcloths, I have chosen that they should be free because I really like to share what I think is neat ❤️