Magic ring (mr) – Crack the code!

Is the magic ring (mr) (also called magic circle (mc)) not so easy to understand? Have you searched video after video, without success with any of it? Then you have come to the right video!

Here I show you quite simply and on a flat hand how to make the magic ring (mr), so you can crochet in it, and get started with making amigurumi crochet. The magic ring (mr) is made exactly like a regular crochet loop, where instead of tightening it around the needle, you hold it loose and crochet in it.

It can be really hard to get the code cracked on a magic ring (mr), so here you will find your emergency help. Crack the code on the magic ring (mr)!

Once you have learned the technique here

Once you have cracked the code here on the magic ring, you can start crocheting further, and here are a few links to help:

Magic ring crocheted in spiral

When you need to crochet something solid color or only make a few color changes, you need to crochet in a spiral: Magic ring crocheted in a spiral.
If you need to make a few color changes, use this technique: Normal change of color.

Several color changes

If you need to change color many times, use this technique: Magic Ring with the most beautiful changes of color.

Popular patterns with the magic ring

Happy Crocheting 🙂