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Here I show you how to make the nicest way of finishing off and weaving in the end after you have made amigurumi (such as rattleballs, stars and the Comfort Mouse).

Finishing off: How to

When you have finished crocheting your amigurumi and have reached the end, cut the yarn, then put a good yarn needle in the end, to start sewing the opening end together. You sew a stitch in each stitch, and only in the outer/front loop, as it gives the nicest result. When you have sewn around all the outer/front stitches, pull the string well to tighten the opening. Then you tie a knot, and weave the yarn, by sticking the needle into the ball and out again on the other side. Then you cut the thread, and thereby you hide the thread inside the ball.

Patterns, where you use it

Good links for other Amigurumi tips

When you crochet amigurumi, there is a lot of tips, to make it look even better, and to make your project stand out. The finish is everything, so here is a couple of good links, to help you through your amigurumi projects.

Enjoy the video on finishing off 🙂