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Crochet potholders from Milla Billa to you

On this page you will find all my free crochet patterns for Potholders.

I love potholders, and I had a period when I designed quite a few of them: They don’t take long to make, they’re super cute with leather details on them, and they usually hang freely in the front of most kitchens, which is why the important thing is that they are some, that you like to look at.

The most important thing is that they are thick enough. There’s nothing worse than burning your fingers because they weren’t designed properly, so I’ve put a lot of energy on that in all my patterns.

All the patterns you find on this page are free on potholders. I have designed a lot more patterns, and you can find them here on the page with my purchase patterns for crochet potholders.

Even though a lot of energy has been used in these crochet patterns, I have chosen that most of them should be free, because I really like to share what I think is neat ❤️