Project Description

Invisible Decrease

Here I will show you how to make an invisible decrease. An invisible increase is used when crocheting in a magic ring (mg) and making shapes (rattleballs, stars, the Comfort Mouse).

When you decrease, you crochet the shape smaller by crocheting 2 stitches into 1 stitch. By making the decrease with this technique, you make it nicer to look at and harder to see, that you have made a decrease. This also makes it harder to see the filling through. that’s why it is called “Invisible Decrease”, because it os hard to see.

It is such a shame, when you have made a whole project, and when assembling and filling the whole thing, you see all the filling pop out.

How to do the Invisible Decrease

This is how you do it: You make the decrease in the front loops of the stitches only. When you usually crochet a decrease, and do it the “traditional” way, you go through both loops of the stitch. Here you only do it through the front loops, and that makes it more invisible.

You will be much more happy with this finish of the project, because you can’t see the whole as clearly. I really hope, you could use this tip.

Patterns, where you use it

Good links for other Amigurumi tips

When you crochet amigurumi, there is a lot of tips, to make it look even better, and to make your project stand out. The finish is everything, so here is a couple of good links, to help you through your amigurumi projects.

Happy crocheting 🙂