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Bobble Stitch


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No more bobble trouble!

In this video I show how to make the bobbles (aka. the puff stitch or the popcorn stitch). I use the bobble stitches in many of my patterns, because it has such a nice 3D-like look.

The bobble stitches I make, is made of 4 unfinished double crochets: You start each row with a single crochet, and then you make the 4 unfinished double crochets, that you assemble into one stitch, and you lock it with a single crochet in the next stitch. The bobble stitch takes up the space of 2 stitches.

You can also make the bobble with 5 or 6 unfinished double crochets. This makes the bobbles pop out a lot. I think – entirely at my own expense – that the 4 unfinished double crochets are absolutely perfect for them to fit the shape. At 5 or 6 unfinished double crochet, I find that the bobbles stick out incredibly awkwardly. It’s a matter of taste, and it could very well be that I change my mind 😉

Tips for the Bobble Stitches

  • Do you crochet the bobble stitches too tight?
    A tip is to crochet with the entire crochet hook. Your crochet hook is slightly thicker, a little further down on the hook. Thereby you force the yarn a little bigger in size. You can also go up in size on the crochet hook. Try a half size at a time.
  • Do you crochet the bobble stitch too loose?
    Go down in hook size – try half a size at a time.

Have fun with the bobbles 🙂

Free Crochet Patterns with the Bobbles

I am INCREDIBLY fond of bobbles! It’s also quite clearly in my free pattern. They have such a nice texture and a 3D-like look, that I think is so beautiful! Crochet in texture is just me. I’m much more into crochet, where a little shadow is cast and it pops out rather than color change and flat crochet.

Malene Bobble Stitch Pillow
Free Crochet Pattern By Milla Billa
Stine Potholder
Free Crochet Pattern By Milla Billa
Mama Anette Bobble Stitch Pillow
Free Crochet Pattern By Milla Billa
Pops Jens Bobble Stitch Pillow
Free Crochet Pattern By Milla Billa