Magic ring with the most beautiful change of color

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

Here I will show you how to crochet a Magic ring with the most beautiful change of color.

A magic ring is a technique you use to start up the Comfort Mouse, rattle balls, and crochet stars. Most often you start with 6 single crochet (sc) in your magic ring, so that’s what I’ll show you here. There may also be more or fewer single crochet in the magic ring (mr) depending on the pattern. Your pattern will tell you. I will also show you how to get completely straight lines / straight rows when crocheting in spiral. You use it when changing colors, as on this Baby Norah Rattleball.

Completely straight lines

You get the straight lines by finishing with a slip stitch (ss), which is put in the first stitch in the same row. You do this to pull the whole row together. Then you make a chain (ch), and you do that, to get up on the next row. Then you start your new row (row 2) by making two single crochet together (increase / 2tog) in the same stitch, as you made a slip stitch, as it is the first stitch in the row. From here you crochet 5 more increases (2tog), and you therefore go from 6 stitches in row 1 to 12 stitches in row 2. Again – to pull this row together – put a slip stitch (ss) in the first stitch in the row. Then you make a chain (ch), to get up to the next row, after which you crochet on row 3, starting in the first stitch in the row, which is the same stitch, where you put your slip stitch.

Stitch Markers

It’s a really really good idea to put stitch markers in the first stitch of each row. Then you can clearly see which stitch you should put your slip stitch in. It is also really important to count all stitches, as the extra slip stitch (ss) and chain (ch) can well be confusing. These two stitches are “extra” stitches and you don’t crocheted in them.

Here I show the magic ring (mg), the 6 single crochets (sc) in the magic ring, and 6 increases (2tog) made in the 2nd row, so you reach 12 single crochet stitches in total.

You are very welcome – enjoy the tip with the “Magic ring with the most beautiful change of color” 🙂