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The good end of the yarn


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Here’s a tip on how to crochet without your yarn ball bouncing around, when you pull in the yarn. I learned this tip from my mom, when I started crocheting, as it is super smart.

This is especially good if you are a complete beginner in crochet, as it will save you a lot of hassle with the yarn ball.

How do you find the good end of the yarn?

The first thing you do is stick both of your index fingers into each end of the yarn ball. Then you massage your ball up, by rotating with both fingers inside the yarn ball. Then your fingers should just as easy be wrapped in a little yarn. That yarn, you grab and pull out of one end (often there is a little more space at one of the ends). If the yarn end is not in the small piece, then you can pull a little until it comes out.

Sometimes you can fall over a little impossible yarn balls, where you almost pull out 1/3 yarn ball. But it’s quick to get crocheted freely.

Now your yarn ball can lie completely still when you pull in it. It’s really liberating! And much easier to crochet, because it will not tighten and twist in your yarn. At the same time, you avoid it jumping around and down on the floor and getting dirty. I do this every time I open a new ball.

If you need to crochet with two threads, but you only have one ball, you can also use this tip, where you then use the inner end and the outer. So it’s pretty smart.

Welcome and really good fun with the tip 🙂