About avocado-plants

Avocado plants look so nice while growing up and it’s a really nice way to “recycle” your garbage. It does not require much. Besides sun. Lots of water. And a really long time! But a plant that almost just stands and takes care of itself – what’s not to like.

Sommerhusets trækævlekasse

Don’t expect a giant tree with beautiful fruits too soon. I have heard, that it can take up to 16 years before fruit sets.

How to plant your own avocado

Peel the avocado seed

Chop the seed out of the avocado fruit and wipe it well with a paper towel before cutting off the peel with a knife. The core can be super smooth!

Insert toothpicks

Turn the thickest end of the seed downwards and insert 3 toothpicks. Place it on top of a glass and pour in water until the seed is approx. half covered.


Change water approx. once a week and place it somewhere with plenty of sun. It takes a while before it takes root, so be patient.


  • Go for the bigger seeds – they usually give the best results.
  • Not all seeds turn into something, so just plant lots of them and keep the ones that take root. If nothing has happened after 1-2 months, it can be thrown out to the right and a new one can get the seat.
  • Over time, the glass will get limestone at the top. It can be removed by mixing water and vinegar (just a splash) and possibly soap if there is other dirt, and then leave it for a few hours, after which it is washed off very easily.
  • After approx. half a year you can plant the plant in a pot once it has a good root system. I have kept mine in their water baths, and just moved them over into larger containers the more they grow. I think it’s so nice to look at the roots.
Sommerhusets trækævlekasse
Sommerhusets trækævlekasse