Project Description

Finish off and weaving ind ends

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

Here I show you, how to finish off and weave in ends. In the example in the video, it’s on a dishcloth, and it’s exactly the same thing you do with pillows, sweaters, potholders, etc.

How to: Weaving ind ends

When you need to weave in ends, it’s about getting the end hidden as well as possible. You can not just tie a tight knot, and then cut, as there will be a small end. Therefore, weave in the end into the piece, so that it is as invisible as possible. Even though it does not feel so safe the first time you do it, and you think that it just pops out, when it is washed, you can trust that it will stay in there.

To get it extra invisible, here is a few tips, you can follow:

  • Go back and forth a bit: Not in the same canal, but go forward, down a little, then backwards again. That will make it lock in a bit better.
  • Split the yarn: Instead of just going around the yarn, go into it. Split up the thread. That will make it hide better, and make it harder to pop out.

Happy crocheting 🙂

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