Support: DKK 10

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I have chosen, that there should be some free crochet patterns and guides here on Milla Billa. It’s such a great hobby and I want to share my crochet patterns and video guides, so it’s easily accessible to everyone.

If you find pleasure in my patterns and can use my content, you can support Milla Billa right here – then I can keep making great content for you.

Thank you so very much in advance 🙏❤️🤗

Support: DKK 10

All the support means the world to me. Regardless of size. That is why I have made some fixed intervals here of DKK 10, DKK 20 and DKK 50. If you want to support more, you can add more to the basket 😉

This means that I can continue with the business I have dreamed of for so long ❤️ … and create great content that you can keep using – completely free 🤗

Why all these free crochet patterns and video guides?

I learned to crochet when I was on sick leave. It has been a great tool for me, to get peace of mind. Peace from all the thoughts flying around. Peace from all the things I should do. Peace from the world, I just could not bear to be a part of. I know, that a lot of people find peace and calmness in crafts like crochet, because it’s just really good for the brain to concentrate on one thing at a time and get some nice things produced.

When I was on sick leave, I thought it was so great to find free crochet patterns. Patterns, that a designer had put a lot of time and energy into, so I could keep developing myself, and get inspired and do a lot of projects. And get the noisy brain shut down.

That’s why it’s important for me to make the free crochet patterns, because this is my way of giving back. There must be something good for everyone, and if I can contribute with a little inspiration, then I will gladly do so. I just really like it!

If you can use my patterns and my content, you can support Milla Billa right here – then I can keep making the completely free crochet patterns and inspiring content.

Thank you so very much in advance 🙏❤️🤗


How long does it take to develop free crochet patterns?

It takes longer than you think. There are several steps in a single pattern:

  • Idea development: When the idea pops up, it needs to be tested. I need to figure out which crochet hook and which yarn is best to use. Sizes, colors, color composition, patterns and techniques must be tested – it may require some good hours of crocheting depending on the project.
  • Annotation: Everything is continuously annotated, so I do not forget what changes I have made.
  • Crochet: Once the pattern is in place and everything is tested, the final project must be made.
  • Pictures: Process pictures must be taken: How to do it step by step. Environmental images must also be used: Where they are styled easily, so that you can really see it finished.
  • Image editing: All images must be edited and cut in the correct formats, so I can get them on the website. Pictures for Pinterest are also made, so that you can find the patterns by searching for them there.
  • Video: Video is recorded, cut and edited if there are techniques that are easiest to explain on live images. Here I upload on youtube, and add subtitles so you can read at the same time in Danish and English.
  • Everything is gathered: Everything must be written and gathered on the website, so it makes sense for you to read.
  • Translation: I have chosen to have my website in both Danish and English, so everything must be translated when the Danish pattern is finished.
  • Exposure: When everything is done and ready, I edit photos for my newsletter and for Instagram. Then everything is ready, so you can also be notified, that it is up for grabs ❤️

On the Favorite Christmas Ornament I think the hours of work is 30-40.

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