Sticky, sticky, sticky

Annoying price tags that leave a trail of slime are just annoying! The fine new vase, is just not as fine with its price-lag. Hot water, cold water, soap, grease, dishwasher, knives, scrapers, alcohol: It does not work. Then what do you do? You scroll!

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What do you need?


  • Oil

  • Cotton pads

Sommerhusets trækævlekasse

How to remove stickers

Remove the worst paper / label

Remove as much of the price tag as possible, so the oil can soak into the glue best possible.

Lots of oil

Then oil: Put oil on the glue and preferably so much, that it can soak in it. If it is on a surface where the oil will glide off, you can use a cotton ball / other paper with lots of oil on it and put it on top. Let it be for at least an hour depending on the stubbornness.

Rub rub 

Rub and scrape a little and the glue comes off as in a Vanish advertisement.

Tadaaaaaa: Gluefree!

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