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ENGLISH, US-terms (The video is texted in English, so remember to turn on the subtitles.):

When crocheting according to a pattern, there are a few parameters that are quite important: That you use the right yarn and that your crochet gauge hits exactly what is in the pattern. The gauge is stated as 10 x 10 cm in all patterns. This is the measure that ensures that you get the correct size.

Crochet gauge swatch

The first thing you need to do when starting on your crochet project is to make a crochet swatch. Using a crochet swatch, you know if you can get the correct dimensions specified as 10 x 10 cm.

When you have to make a crochet swatch, you start with for example 30 stitches in width. Then crochet the pattern, so that you have a swatch that is 10 x 10 cm. It is important that you crochet a swatch of the pattern and not just in single crochet or something like that, as it is the pattern that needs to be measured.

Here you measure whether you get the correct gauge in the pattern. That is, whether you have the same number of stitches and rows on the 10 x 10 cm as stated in the pattern. You just measure up with a ruler or measuring tape. Preferably a few different places in the swatch.

In width you can adjust with your crochet hook size. If you have too many stitches on 10 cm than specified, go up in hook size. Start with half a size. Conversely, if you have too few stitches on the 10 cm, go down in hook size on your crochet hook.

Once you have made your crochet swatch and you can easily make it fit in width with your crochet hook size. But! The height just isn’t correct, what do you do?

The golden loop

You go in and adjust on “The Golden Loop”. Namely, the first loop, which is pulled up in the stitch. It defines how high your stitches will be. By adjusting it a bit, you will be able to get the right gauge in the pattern exactly.

This is especially important when crocheting patterns for sweaters, dresses, cardigans and any other clothing where you need to get an exact size.

Here are 3 English concepts that are named after the crochet style you have:

  • Yanker: Means to yank or pull. If you keep the yarn tight, you are most likely a yanker. Your stitches will be somewhat lower than the other two crochet styles.
  • Rider: If you are a rider, then you are in the medium category. Here you hold your crochet hook approx. horizontally on the piece and your stitches will be medium-height.
  • Lifter: It means lifting. If you are a lifter, then you lift up well in the golden loop, and get some higher stitches.

The three styles here can also vary on one’s own work. When I crochet a little faster than usual, I lift the stitches higher. It can also vary on the same day. If I sit completely concentrated, I am a just in between a yanker and a rider. If I sit in the evening in a little darker light and cozy crochet in front of the TV, I lift a bit more.

To get the best result, you should crochet completely continuously. That will make it nice and uniform, so please be a little attentive, when you work with it 🙂

This is shown in double crochet but it applies to all types of stitches: Single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treple crochet etc.

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