Invisible crochet finish

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

Why doesn’t it become that pretty when you finish? Actually it can.

Here I show you how to finish off, so it becomes completely invisible, and your crocheted piece looks its best.

How to make the invisible crochet finish

You cut the thread, after you have made the absolute last stitch in your project. That could be a single crochet (sc). Then you pull the yarn through the stitch, put a yarn needle on. Now you need to get a hold on the stitch, that is two stitches from here. You pass the yarn through both loops on that stitch. You do that from the backside. Then you pull the yarn down the middle of the stitch, you came from. Just between both loops. After that you weave in the end. That makes the finish fine and neat, and quite invisible. It’s super smart!

Where can this be used?

You use it mostly in projects, that has en edge or border. Often if you crochet two pieces of amigurumi together or refular projects, this will be a beautiful finish.

You are very welcome and I hope, you enjoy the tip 🙂

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