About the leather picture

Leather is an incredibly beautiful material. I quite love using different materials and textures in my home, where depth and shadows are allowed to emerge.

It is a fine residual product to use, if you are SURE it is from a properly treated cow.

Time to produce: 1 hour
Skill level: Easy

What do you need?

Now I’m so lucky to be in relationship with “The Leather King of the Good Cows” and was able to get a whole half cow. I think, you can order larger pieces of leather, cut into various sizes in hobby / craft stores.


  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

Sommerhusets trækævlekasse

How to make your own leather picture

Step 1

Lay out the skin and find the best place to cut.

Step 2

Measure and draw. You could use the back plate from the frame as a template. REMEMBER for God’s sake to draw a little extra, so there is some extra skin to cut with.

Step 3

And now for the nerve-wracking: Cut! Better a little too big, so you have a bit extra.

Step 4

I chose to mount the leather in the frame without the glass / plastic front plate, so the leather really comes into its right with the fine structures. If it bulges a little, you can mount it firmly on the back plate with double-sided adhesive tape.

Now just enjoy your finished work 🙂