About Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

This years Favorite Christmas Ornament ❤️

I have had this design on mind for a long time, with these soft organic shapes. It’s pleasing to the eye, and it really pops out with the different color changes. As always crocheted in the classic Christmas colours: A perfect dark red, white and gold.

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Crochet Time: 1 hour
Skill level: Medium
Height: 5.5 cm D
Yndlingsjulekuglen 2023
Yndlingsjulekuglen 2023
Yndlingsjulekuglen 2023

For the crochet pattern here on ny Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023, you must be able to crochet chain stitches, half double crochet stitches and slip stitches, so it is not that complicated. There are some different tips that I have made a video on so that you can get it perfectly sharp. You can find that video here:

Assembling of Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

Click on the links here, or scroll all the way down to see videos on the techniques.

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Before you get started

The video here goes through the different techniques, and is a good support for the pattern. It’s a good idea to see it before you start, unless you are quite experienced 🤗 (Turn on US subtitles)

Back Loop Only: BLO

When you crochet in the back loop only, you crochet in the loop of the stitch, that is furthest away from you.

Front Loop Only: FLO

When you crochet in the front loop only, you crochet in the loop of the stitch, that is closest to you.

Right Side: RS (front) and Wrong Side: WS (back)

You have the right side (front) in front of you, when your starting thread is at the bottom left. Every time you start a new thread, you must start from the right side (front). Some of the rows you have to crochet 2 off, followed by each other, so here you turn and crochet on the wrong side (back), but otherwise you always start from the front. (The one that “counts” as either right or wrong side is the one you look at while crocheting.)

Turning Chain: TCH

A turning chain is a chain stitch you make to get up in height in the next row, you want to make. It’s therefore not a stitch, that you crochet in again. When you have finished a row with a turning chain, turned and need to start again, you must therefore start in the 2nd stitch from the hook.

How to attach new yarn

When you need to change color and start with a new color, you do it in the first stitch in the row: Wrap the yarn around your fingers, insert the hook into the first stitch, bring the yarn back and make a chain stitch, that you tighten (you don’t crochet in it again, because it just functions as a knot). The yarn is now attached. Then you pull a little to get a higher starting loop, and make the stitch you need to make (either chain stitch or half double crochet) in the same first stitch, that you attached the yarn.

The different designs

Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

Standard red, white and gold

Here it is shown as described in the pattern, with both red, white and gold – the same classic colors I have used on the Favorite Christmas Ornament 2021 and 2022.

Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

Red and gold

Here I have crocheted only with the red and the gold glitteryarn, and I think it turned out really nice and old-fashioned.

Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

White and gold

This one is only with white and gold, that really pops out, when it comes to hang on the dark green Christmas tree.

The pattern for Favorite Christmas Ornament 2023

Chain: CH
Turning chain: tch
half double crochet: hdc
Slip stitch: ss
Right side: RS
wrong side: WS
Back loop only: BLO
front loop only: FLO
Milla Billa: Yndlingsjulekuglen 2023

START (Red) Longer start-end (about 30 cm – for sewing): 25 chains + 1 tch, turn

RK 1 (Red) 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 1 tch, turn

R 2 (Red) BLO: 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 1 ch, cut the yarn and tighten

R 3 (Gold) RS: FLO: 25 ss (1 in each stitch), 1 ch, cut the yarn and tighten

R 4 (White) RS: BLO: 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 ss, 1 tch, turn

R 5 (White) WS: BLO: 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 ss, 5 hdc, 5 km, 1 lm, cut the yarn and tighten

R 6 (Gold) As row 3

Use the hashtag


(The Danish name for it)

On Instagram, when you post pictures of your processes and finished projects. For me it is SO wonderful to see all your color choices and details, and others can be inspired by which colors they should choose 😍👏❤️

Gather uuuup!

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Place your piece in front of you, so that you have your long starting thread in the top right corner.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Now you sewn it together so you get a tube:
Fold the ends together over the piece so that you have your front inside. Sew into/around the chain stitch/ … (here it’s shown in the middle as it’s easier to see.)

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


… and sew in the outer stitch loop on the gold stitch. Tighten it as you sew.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Now one of the ends must be sewn together with the backside out: Cut off a piece of red yarn (50-100 cm), and with some big stitches you now sew around the edge at the end.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Then you pull it together to close the hole and tie a knot. Bring the thread over to the front, and turn the inside out, so that you are now sewing from the front.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Here, only sew in the red, so that everything closes nicely with the red color.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Sew the other end together, again taking the red thread and sewing big stitches.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Fill it WELL, so that it is firm and nice, and make sure that all small strings are tucked in.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Tighten well as you press the filling into the ball. Tie a knot and now sew again only in the red colors to gather it neatly.

Yndlingsjulekuglen 2022


Finally, a strap is attached.

Wow. Wow. WOW! 😍

Milla Billa: Yndlingsjulekuglen 2023

Look! At what you’ve made with your skilled hands! Congrats and enjoy it for a little moment, before you get started on the next 😍💪❤️

I have made some helpful videos that should make it easier for you to understand the pattern. It’s just usually easier in live pictures 🙂 All videos are made and edited by Milla Billa. Music by www.bensound.com