About the Dishcloth in Rib stitch

When crocheting a rib pattern, you crochet in back stitch. It gives a more elastic feel, and it’s really good to use for dishcloths as here.

If this is the first time, you are dealing with those loops at the very back, I would recommend you scroll, scroll and scroll down to the bottom, where you will find my video guide 🙂

Time to produce: 3 hours
Skill level: Let
Format: 25 x 25 cm
Mor Anette boblepude

This free crochet pattern on the Dishcloth in Rib stitch is very beginner-friendly, as you only need to be able to make a chain, single crochet crochet in the back loops.

Are you a beginner? Awesome! Scroll all the way to the bottom or click the links up here: There I have collected the videos, you need to be able to crochet this one 🙂

Mor Anette boblepude




For dishcloths I always always always use cotton yarn in 8/4. It absorbs well and most can be washed at 60 degrees (even though it says 40 degrees, I wash my cloths at 60 degrees, to make sure they are clean. The colors fade a little over time, but rather a faded cloth than a dirty cloth 😉 )

Start: Use hook 3 mm and chain 64. Start in 2nd stitch from how at each row.

ROW 1+ (1 single crochet in back loop only) 62 times, 1 single crochet in both loops, 1 ch, turn.


Repeat until you have a square cloth. I make 60 rows to get a square cloth.

Tighten the last chain, so that it locks, cut the yarn and weave in the end.

Babaaaaa: You now have a cloth, that is ready to use 🙂

FYI: The last single crochet, that you crochet as a normal single crochet stitch, makes the cloth more firm on the edge. If you also make it in the back loop, it will be somewhat uneven to look at.

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Washing tip: Vinegar bath

Before washing your dishcloths for the first time, put them in vinegar water. That will minimize fading of colors and the absorbency is improved, when you use them for the first time … And have we not all been in the situation with a brand new cloth, that is so fresh that no water can enter. Then you stand there and try to mix yarn with water and something so simple, becomes so complicated …

A mixing ratio is approx. 1 splash of vinegar to 8 splashes of cold water.

Wash them according to the yarn’s washing instructions. Or according to my instructions which are 60 degrees (90 degrees if it is white), no matter what the washing instructions say (if it is 100% cotton). It is at your own risk (I have to say), but then you are sure of clean cloths. You may risk them fading slightly in color.

Here you find some helpful videos, so you can make the pattern. Especially if you are a beginner (If you are: You’re awesome – am cheering for you!). It is a bit easier to understand with live pictures 🙂 Milla Billa made the design and editing. Music was by www.bensound.com.


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Crochet guide by Milla Billa

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Crochet guide by Milla Billa
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