About Dear Vera’s pacifier chain

The Dear Vera’s pacifier chain is a super sweet and quick pattern for a crochet pacifier chain / pacifier clip / pacifier holder, that can be used as a gift for christenings, birthdays, Christmas gifts and of course for your own little ones. I made the pattern for my own niece Vera, when she was a little fart, who threw pacifiers around, when they were out on a stroll. They barely lost any pacifiers after getting them on a “leash”.

I would not recommend using the pacifier chain / pacifier clip / pacifier holder when they are sleeping, to avoid getting them tangled. Use it during the waking hours outside the home, so the pacifiers are in control.

Time to produce: 20 minutes
Skill level: Medium
Length: 17 cm excl. the clip
Dear Vera’s pacifier chain

The pattern on Dear Vera’s pacifier chain is based on Shell stitches. It can be a bit tricky to assemble the parts, so set aside some time and patience for this, if you are not so experienced with crocheting.

The pattern on this pacifier chain / pacifier clip / pacifier holder is for pacifiers with handles. Pattern for pacifiers without a handle is here:
Dear Vera’s pacifier chain with adapter

Dear Vera’s pacifier chain


You can make loads of Dear Vera’s pacifier chains, so there is a color for any outfit. They are quick and easy to make, and then remains of yarn from other projects are ideal for this, as not much yarn is used.

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When you reach step 3 and forward, you crochet it all on the same side. Therefore, do not flip, but turn.

Step 1
Use needle 2.5 mm: Chain 38, flip

Step 2
Start in 2nd stitch from hook: 37 single crochet (sc), 1 ch, flip

Step 3
(1 sc, skip 2 sts, 6 double crochet (dc) in next, skip 2 sts) 6 times, 1 sc in the last stitch in the row.

Chain 15 for the pacifier bow (make sure not to rotate it, so it is put straight on, on the other side). Attach the pacifier bow with 1 sc on the other side, by turning the pacifier chain around, and you now crochet on the bottom of the air stitch chain from step 1.

Step 4
(skip 2 sts, 6 dc in next, skip 2 sts, 1 sc in next) 6 times

Step 5
Attach the clip: Hold the end of the clip up to the start of the pacifier chain. Crochet 8 sc around the clip so it is attached. (See pictures for help.) Finish with a slip stitch and then a chain and tighten. Fasten off and weave in the end.

Now your very own Dear Vera’s pacifier chain is finished and ready for use! ?

Vera-musens vifte-suttekæde

I have made some helpful videos that should make it easier for you to understand the pattern. It’s just usually easier in live pictures ? All videos are made and edited by Milla Billa. Music by www.bensound.com.

Crochet guide by Milla Billa
Crochet guide by Milla Billa