Triple / Treble Crochet (tc)

(The video is texted in English (US-terms), so remember to turn those on.)

Here you can see how to make the triple (also calles treble) crochet, which is abbreviated “tc”.

How to do it

The triple crochet (tc): yarn over twice, insert the hook into the stitch, yarn over and pulling through the stitch. Now you have 4 loops on your hook. Then yarn over and pull through the first two loops, yarn over and pull through the next two loops, yarn over and pull through the last two loops. Then you have made a triple crochet (tc) 🙂

Free Crochet Pattern, where the Triple / Treble Crochet (tc) is used

Crochet Style: Yanker, Rider or a Lifter (the golden loop)

Video guide: The Golden Loop

Are you working on a pattern and you can not quite get the crochet height right? I have made this video, which describes “The Golden Loop”. That loop is the one that determines how high your stitches will be.

When you need to hit the specified width, you can go in and adjust with the size of your crochet hook. If you have too few stitches on the 10 cm, go down in crochet hook size. If you have too many stitches, go up in size. Depending on whether there is much or little in the difference, I will probably start with just half a millimeter.

Other tips and stitches, that are good to know

Have fun with the triple crochets (tc) 🙂