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KIT: Chef’s Potholder


Size: 20 x 17 cm
Hooksize: 3,5 mm
Skill level: Easy

This crochet kit contains everything you need to get your own beautiful set “KIT: Chef’s Potholder”:

  • 1 free crochet pattern (located here)
  • 3 pcs. of Drops Paris in any color
  • 1 set of leather accessories for 1 set of potholders in either cognac or black: 1 meter thick leather cord and 2 pcs. “Handmade” leather label in S.

Drops Paris × 3

Quality: 100% Cotton
Yarn group: C (16 - 19 stitches) / 10 ply / aran / worsted
Weight / length: 50 g = approx. 75 meters
Recommended hooks / needles: 5 mm
Gauge: 10 x 10 cm = 17 sts x 22 rows
Washing instructions: Machine wash 60 ° C / Dry flat

DROPS Paris 16 HvidDROPS Paris 17 NaturhvidDROPS Paris 26 BeigeDROPS Paris 44 BrunDROPS Paris 14 MælkebøtteDROPS Paris 23 Lys GråDROPS Paris 24 MørkegråDROPS Paris 57 Baby RosaDROPS Paris 20 BlushDROPS Paris 63DROPS Paris 59 GammelrosaDROPS Paris 58 Støvet RosaDROPS Paris 21 MintgrønDROPS Paris 62 Salvie GrønDROPS Paris 25 MosgrønDROPS Paris 29 IsblåDROPS Paris 48 PetrolDROPS Paris 09 KongeblåDROPS Paris 28 MarineblåDROPS Paris 15 Sort

Genuine Leather Cord, 1 m

Genuine Leather Cord in 3 mm thickness. It's this leather cord that is use as a handle on potholders. Each pack contains 1 meter – enough for 2 potholders. It is cut, so you have 2 pcs. of 50 cm - then there is a little to tie with, and enough for a handle of 7-8 cm 🙂

Thickness: 3 mm
Colors: Cognac and black
Length: 1 meter

"Handmade"-leatherlabel, size S × 2

Cute little leather label with the text "Handmade".

Colors: Cognac and black
Size: 46 x 12 mm
Material: 100% genuine leather

Pattern is free here: Chef’s Potholder

With this KIT: Chef’s Potholder you get everything you need to make your own version of the potholders here. The Chef’s Potholder is a super beautiful set of potholders. With the right leather on, they are completely unique and its own.

About this KIT: Chef’s Potholder

The very best sister-in-law Malene told me one day, that she had used the pattern from Chef’s Dishcloth for a set of potholders. My first thought was, that you can’t do that, with all those holes! When I saw them, I fell completely in love! 😍

I love filet crochet and the style of it. Now it can be used on potholders too – yay! Instead of light forming the pattern, this is the shadow. You should not be afraid of whether they are then thick enough. The back is pure single crochet and the holes are quite small. They are crocheted in a thicker cotton yarn, and have a front and back, so they are thick enough 👏👌

She’s good, that Malene 😍❤️

About this Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern is full of image instructions and explanatory texts, so it’s easy to go to. As a beginner, you can also easily get started with this pattern if you know the basic stitches.

If there is any stitches you are in doubt about, don’t worry. On Milla Billa there is a lot of helpful videos. They are in Danish, but if you hit the subtitle-button in English, you can read along.

You can find help for the different stitches by clicking here.


© Copyright

My patterns are for private use only. This means that you may not sell, copy (in whole or in part) or otherwise pass them on. You must also not systematically sell products made according to the patterns. You are welcome to refer to my designs and to me as a designer (link to website www.millabilla.dk or instagram @millabilladk).

If you have questions regarding this, you can write to me at milla@millabilla.dk.

Drops Paris

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 6 cm
Drops Paris colors

16 White, 17 Nature, 26 Beige, 44 Brown, 12 Dandelion, 23 Light Gray, 24 Dark Gray, 57 Baby Rose, 20 Blush, 63 Desert Rose, 59 Faded Rose, 58 Dusty Rose, 21 Mint Green, 62 Sage Green, 25 Moss Green, 29 Ice Blue, 48 Petrol, 09 Royal Blue, 28 Marine Blue, 15 Black

Genuine Leather Cord, 1 m

Weight 8 g
Leather colors

Black, Cognac

"Handmade"-leatherlabel, size S

Weight 0.5 g
Leather colors

Black, Cognac

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