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“Season” Crochet Patterns from Milla Billa to you ❤️

On this page you will find all my free Crochet Patterns for “Seasons”

Especially Christmas has a lot of matching patterns. It’s kin of clear, that I LOVE that holiday ❤️🤗

The Crochet Christmas Hearts have been very popular in Denmark. We have a thing with braided Christmas hearts, which is a very oldfashioned decoration / Ornament. My crochet Christmas Heart is a good partner for that one.

The stars has been the most popular pattern in English, and I really do understand why. They can be used everywhere! On the tree, on a stroller chain, as a rattle (put in some filling and some rattle balls) and so much more ⭐️⭐️⭐️ They are super quick to make, where you use a magic ring, single crochet, increases and decreases.

For easter I have “The Magical Easter Bunny Egg Warmer” ready for your Easter eggs. They are super sweet and helpful with keeping your egg’s warm.

A pattern, that I was quite happy about, is my version of “The Comfort Mouse”, to show my support for “Trøstemus Danmark” (Comfort Mouse Denmark). It’s an insanely cool group that sews, crochets and knits mice for the small sizes, who needs a bit of comfort when going to the hospitals around the country. They are cure for the Christmas Tree as well.

Although a lot of energy has been used on the patterns, I have chosen that they should be for free, because I really like to share with you, what I think are good and useful crochet patterns ❤️